Benefits of Triumph Taekwon-Do:

Triumph Taekwon-Do programs are created to deliver lifelong benefits for both body and mind. We work with people from age 5 and up with all levels of physical ability. Our programs are designed to be fun while achieving positive results in the following areas.

Physical Fitness:

It all starts with physical fitness delivered by our high-energy, age specific programs. The benefits you can achieve with our quality martial arts training include:

  • weight control
  • greater flexibility
  • more energy and endurance
  • enhanced visual and motor skills
  • improved strength and muscle tone
  • better agility, balance and coordination

Mental Fitness:

As the body improves, so does the mind! As you achieve successes and reach goals in your training, you should see many of these benefits affecting your thoughts and emotions:

  • increased ability to focus and concentrate
  • better control of emotions and temper
  • greater confidence and self-esteem
  • relief from symptoms of stress
  • enhanced relaxation

Social and Life Skills:

Our traditional etiquette and the emphasis on courtesy and self-control modeled by our instructors reinforce the social and life skills children and youths learn at home and in school:

  • goal-setting
  • perseverance and tenacity
  • respect for others and for oneself
  • courtesy, gratefulness and recognition of others
  • “attitude of excellence” in all things
  • cooperation and leadership
  • self-discipline and focus
  • courage

Self-Defense Skills:

These days, people of all ages need ways to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones. Your training will include:

  • Saying "No!" to peer pressure
  • Strategies to avoid the need for physical self-defense
  • Awareness of the environment
  • Street-proofing
  • Physical techniques


Sometimes you just need to have some fun and burn off steam. We feel the same way, so there are plenty of drills and games in the program to keep the fun-level high, but still reinforce learning of the desired skills. Our aim is to leave you tired, but smiling and energized after your workout!


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